1. - My Project - Design a House

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Step by Step Design a House with AutoCAD

This will be published in twenty consecutive lessons. A new lesson will be published each week.

Use AutoCAD 2018 to design a single storied House
By Pantelis Skourtis

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About the book

The purpose of this book is to introduce to architects, engineers, interior designers, design-build professionals and students, the process they will follow step by step to design a residence, using the tools of AutoCAD.

The writer of this book is an architect with experience on architectural design and construction, having used AutoCAD to design a lot of buildings.

For the reader and user of this book, prior knowledge of AutoCAD is of course useful but not required ; someone starting now to learn AutoCAD will be able to design step by step the project we create within this book.

In the chapters of the book you will track the development of working drawings from the beginning, of a single storied House.
Tutorials are included to demonstrate step by step how the software of AutoCAD is used to create floor plans, site plan, elevations, sections, 3D Views, doors, windows, stairs, roof, sheets and schedules.

All drawings of this project have been created using AutoCAD 2018 and in the present version of the book have been used the Metric as drawing unit.

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1. - Introduction

In this book, you will start using AutoCAD 2018 to design your first project.
You will design step by step, your first project that will be a single one level house, and you will save it in your computer under the file name 'house99'.

During this procedure you will learn the more useful commands of AutoCAD and you will use its drawing tools.
Completing this book, you will have drawn your project as it is shown in Fig.


Fig. - House99 3dView

The total procedure is divided in ten main steps and each step is divided in lessons.
In each step you will learn how to work with AutoCAD, you will learn to use the commands that you will need to design step by step your project house99.

In each step you are going to learn how to:


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